Why Pak Onco Care centers

We believe all cancer patients should have access to comprehensive cancer care. Cancer care is expensive, scarce, requires multidisciplinary approach and social support system.
We are offering a complete care plan and guidance from our Pak Onco Care (POC) centers. We help and guide our patients through their treatment and post treatment period.
POC centers provide following services in most cost effective way.

1. To provide complete guidance and help to establish exact diagnosis.

2. To Guide and help for initial work up and staging.

3. To conduct multidisciplinary tumor board. To discuss among expert consultants of different medical and surgical specialties to outline comprehensive treatment plan including systemic therapy such as chemotherapy, and loco-regional therapy such as surgery and radiation therapy. Treatment plan will include sequence of different treatments, duration of treatment and approximate cost of treatment.

4. To provide evidence based systemic treatment such as chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormonal and targeted therapy on site.

5. To provide Comprehensive on site and home support for complications after chemotherapy and other systemic therapies.

6. To provide psychological, nutritional and social support to cancer patients and their families.

7. To provide palliative care to terminally ill cancer patients at their homes with their families.

In summary at POC centers we treat our patients as our families. We understand the difficulties of cancer patients and their families. We offer comprehensive cancer care with least hurdle and cost to our patients.

Your expert team of doctors and other clinicians will take time to understand your unique diagnosis and needs. Then, we’ll work together, to develop an integrative treatment plan tailored specially to you.