PAK ONCO CARE conceivedto provide personalized&comprehensive cancer care with a patient centric multidisciplinary approach. We’ve a team of highly qualified medical oncologists, onco pathologists, radiologists& other allied specialists working seamlessly to ensure that entire medical needs of our patients are handled meticulously. This combined management approach helps us to optimize patient care to highly personalized level.
Services and Specialties
We provide all facilities under one roof for most common & curable cancers. We have advance laboratory& radiology services(Mammogram, Ultrasound, X-Ray,CT scan & Radiological Interventions) to establish exact diagnosis; we plan treatment by conducting multidisciplinary tumor board meeting under expert’s opinion.

We provide day care facility where chemotherapy and infusion regimens are delivered by our skilled nursing staff, with special training in administrating chemotherapy/hormonal therapy/Immunotherapy & other cancer treatments by implementing on the exact treatment plan developed by POC medical oncologists.
Our Centre consistently invest in new technologies that have been shown to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment ensuring that our patients have access to best care possible.
We take care of our patient in all aspectsat our cancer including but not limited to reasonable charges/discounts for needy patients, pharmacy services,nutrition counselling, exercise program, emotional support,financialcounselling and pain management. Besides that POC provides consultation clinics for complete care to other medical issues such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Dermatology, ENT surgery and Plastic surgery.

Knowledge and Expertise

POC has helped number of cancer patients and their families meet the challenges of cancer head on. Our care programs offers full range of resources necessary to detect and treat cancer, and help our patients not only recover, but also thrive.

Our entire staff with our combine knowledge and expertise understands what each patient is experiencing during the illness. We know that our patient require not only medical technology to heal, but also the human touch, it’s the spirit of compassion and kindness that makes our center stand out.

Our Promise

At POC center we treat our patients as our families. We understand the vast difficulties of cancer patients and their families. We offer comprehensive cancer care with least hurdles and reasonable cost to our patients.